Top Five CIO Blogs Of May 2019

Jean Loh

Practical application of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation continue to be hot topics for our IT readers interested in intelligent technologies, and the first in a new series on data-management strategy also made the top five. Another popular blog explored how to derive measurable actions from overall strategy directives. If you missed any of these great articles, take a look!

How To Benefit From Cutting-Edge AI Technologies

What Is Robotic Process Automation? Part 1

How To Translate Abstract Strategy Into Concrete, Measurable Business Actions

An Outcome-Driven Enterprise Data Strategy: Don’t Start Your Transformation Without It

How To Prepare Your Enterprise For The Arrival Of Artificial Intelligence

 Please listen to the replay of our “Pathways to the Intelligent Enterprise” Webinar, featuring Phil Carter, chief analyst at IDC, and SAP’s Dan Kearnan and Ginger Gatling.

Jean Loh

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