Digital Core Blueprint: Building The Foundation Of Live, Intelligent Enterprises

Oliver Huschke

With disruption becoming the norm in almost every industry, business leaders recognize the urgency for a different perspective on their existing and future technology investments and the opportunities they offer. In fact, a growing segment of companies are studying recent research studies suggesting that embedded voice- and video-recognition capabilities will be 99% accurate by 2020 and that 60% of human tasks will be automated by 2025.

Today’s latest innovations are based on consistent connectivity and edge computing, which are creating a step change in business productivity. However, no matter how strategically significant these intelligent advancements may be, none of them will deliver on their promises – unless a digital core is used to tie business applications with the single source of truth they rely on.

10 steps toward redefining businesses built on technology

The evolution from backward-looking reporting to future-minded, strategic action is well underway for many businesses. On-the-fly data analysis informs decisions that strengthen the bottom line. Real-time visibility brings immediate insight into evolving business environments. Machine learning realistically simulates scenarios to determine how operations response to change. Predictive analytics illustrates whether a specific tactic can deliver desired outcomes.

But the key to realizing the true potential of those often-siloed capabilities is combining them with a digital core. Doing so brings to life intelligent, end-to-end operations that produce the tectonic shifts necessary to innovate with relentless clock speed and accelerate value creation.

Engineering such transformational change and connecting them to expected outcomes can be achieved by following a digital core blueprint of 10 standardized practices:

  1. Innovation: Foster and guide innovation company-wide with less risk by accessing support and expertise that are strategically tailored to suit an organization’s innovation needs – from blending emerging technologies with established applications and processes to creating and scaling entirely new solutions.
  1. Co-design: Chart your transformation journey to a next-generation ERP suite with proper program governance to identify potential bottom- and top-line benefits and bring them to life across the entire engagement lifecycle.
  1. Architecture planning: Get up and running quickly with business planning services that deliver holistic and strategic guidance on building a future-proof architecture and multiyear road map that align with the business and IT strategy as well as the vision of the technology provider.
  1. Implementation support: Get the secret sauce for a winning HR implementation in the cloud, delivered with the speed and simplicity necessary to create and deploy resilient, sustainable, and flexible solutions quickly with less risk.
  1. Analytics and data management: Experience asset management process automation with machine learning by unlocking the hidden potential of all data.
  1. Cybersecurity and compliance: Protect your business with cybersecurity and compliance by using support plans that pinpoint which data and system protection topics should be addressed to close gaps quickly.
  1. Platform-as-a-service and DevOps: Consider integrating platform-as-a-service to fashion a cloud architecture that connects people, processes, system data, and analytics.
  1. Safeguarding: Smooth HR migration to the cloud with services and best-practice expertise that help secure technical and functional integrity, optimize technical performance, and prepare hybrid operations.
  1. End-to-end hybrid operations: Build a flexible and scalable technical architecture on a hybrid cloud with a defined roadmap that addresses critical areas of solution operations.
  1. Accelerated support: Accelerate partner-led HR cloud projects with comprehensive support and expertise on everything from personalized incident management to special-purpose elements.

By introducing this level of continuous guidance, advisory, support, and expertise, your business can acquire the processes, analytics, and user experiences that sense and respond to a dynamic economy in real time. And more importantly, you can possess the agility, flexibility, and speed to act on decisions in highly competitive ways – all while fully transitioning into live, intelligent enterprises.

The SAP Digital Business Services organization is ready to guide you through your journey to becoming a live, intelligent enterprise. If you are coming to SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference, visit us at the Services and Support Pavilion to talk to our experts.

Oliver Huschke

About Oliver Huschke

Oliver Huschke is the global head of Solution Marketing for Digital Business Services at SAP. He has worked for SAP since 1997, starting with development, where he built and led the central test organization. Oliver was head of application management and managed marketing activities at SAP Hosting. Further stations include strategic development and Active Global Support with responsibility for global product management of the SAP Premium Engagement Program. Share your thoughts with Oliver on LinkedIn or Twitter.