Why You Need At Least One VBA Expert On Your Team

Melissa Burns

You may be familiar with the acronym VBA, but do you know what it stands for, and more importantly, what it does? Visual Basic for Applications is a variation of Visual Basic 6 that is integrated into a wide variety of programs and applications, most notably Microsoft Office, but also AutoCAD, CorelDraw, WordPerfect, LibreOffice, and others.

Now, you may think that your company doesn’t need yet another specialist in a programming language with a rather narrow application. But there are a number of excellent reasons why almost any team can benefit from having a VBA expert, even if it doesn’t have to deal with programming per se. Here are some of them.

1. VBA isn’t just for programmers and software professionals

One of the primary advantages of VBA is that its application is not limited to the tasks that would be associated purely with programming and coding. As we mentioned earlier, anybody using Microsoft Office products (most importantly, Microsoft Excel) or other products using VBA will benefit from some VBA knowledge.

Taking into account that most PC users work with some of these products on a daily basis, its application is incredibly broad. A dedicated VBA specialist on your team will be able to create macros to automate many tasks to save time and help deal with the boredom of doing repetitive jobs.

2. VBA decreases the percentage of mistakes

Even an extremely experienced employee who has been performing a particular task for years isn’t immune from making a mistake, even when doing an operation that has been done thousands of times before. Sometimes such situations create boredom and complacency, which means that a high number of repetitions in and of itself causes mistakes.

By automating repetitive tasks via VBA, your team will be able to concentrate on the tasks that actually require their direct attention and prevent themselves from making mistakes.

3. VBA is applicable in many different fields

A VBA specialist will be useful in a wide variety of situations and fields. An expert on your team can be quickly redirected to another line of work if it becomes necessary. Be it finance, analytics, Big Data, logistics, inventory data, or something else, a VBA expert can improve your company’s performance in any of these areas.

4. VBA doesn’t call for additional expensive software

Chances are, your company already uses Microsoft Excel. If it is so, then here is yet another advantage of having a VBA expert on your team – you don’t have to invest in any additional expensive programming products to make full use of it.

VBA is sufficiently simple to be coded without a dedicated programming environment; you don’t need anything more complicated than Microsoft Excel to do it. Any competent VBA expert will be able to create all the necessary macros and programs without additional tools.

5. VBA is easy to learn

Although it may be nice to have a dedicated programming specialist on the team, not all companies need one. If you don’t have to deal with coding on a regular basis, keeping a programmer on staff may be too expensive without much day-to-day benefit.

However, with VBA, you don’t need anything of the sort. You can easily train some of your employees because it doesn’t require any programming knowledge whatsoever. There are online VBA training courses that can teach you everything you need to know in no more than 20 hours. This means that any one of your employees will be able to perform all the necessary procedures after only a short period of training.

6. VBA saves time and money

Tools created with the help of VBA can decrease the amount of time necessary to carry out many tasks by order of magnitude and more. The less time a team needs to complete a job, the more time and attention they will be able to dedicate to other, more profitable tasks.

A skilled VBA expert can go as far as to decrease the size of an entire team or department because many tasks will be automated to the point where they can be carried out by a fewer number of people.

All in all, the benefits of VBA can hardly be overestimated, especially if you run a business that has to crunch a lot of numbers.

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Melissa Burns

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