Why A Fit-To-Standard Mindset Matters In An Era Of Change

Daniel LoPolito

The challenges of adopting intelligent technology and adapting to change are often met with complexity, confusion, concern, and conflict as business leaders ask themselves:

  • What value will the implementation deliver?
  • Who will benefit the most: my customers or my business?
  • How does the technology fit into a company’s digital strategy?
  • Which deployment option – on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid – will support existing and future changes the best?

There’s a lot at stake when investing in digital transformation. However, many CIOs cannot answer these questions with the certainty that ensures the delivery of expected outcomes. Whether this is a case of limited organizational awareness or underestimated effort needed to enhance technical capabilities and data governance, the risk of such indecisiveness is all the same: interrupted financial performance.

The way to solve this digital transformation puzzle is through a more structured, proven approach. By using a model company portfolio of ready-to-use, preconfigured services package of solutions, processes, and data, businesses can refocus their adoption mindset to value fit-to-standard simplicity over customization-induced complexity.

Guide change with certainty, simplicity, and proven experience

In the past, technology customization was viewed as a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, this approach limits the ability to innovate with new digital business models quickly and keep up with the speed of market changes and evolving customer expectations. Over time, business leaders have no other choice but to rip and replace the entire IT landscape, leading to the one thing they fear most – further cost and disruption to the business.

By keeping core systems and applications as close to standard as possible, model company services can help businesses overcome these struggles to:

  • Accelerate new technology deployment adoption
  • Standardize business operations with best practices that are documented, proven, and ready to use
  • Redirect time and money to focus on more strategic, value-add work
  • Deliver business outcomes quickly by aligning technology capabilities with processes

Comprising the latest applications and proven best practices, these prepackaged services encapsulate the experience of successful real-life digital transformation projects across a range of industries, lines of businesses, and use-case scenarios. More importantly, they provide the expertise and know-how needed to guide and support business change with structure and simplicity.

Stick to standard to deliver transformational outcomes

With the combination of a fit-to-standard design and model-company services, technology adoption becomes simpler and more meaningful as employees and stakeholders tap into accurate, real-time information and actionable insight. And for the business, this new environment means a unified operation that responds to market dynamics faster and provides the experience their customers expect – now and for years to come.

Learn how your business can achieve faster, value-add outcomes with an out-of-the-box, standardized approach. Watch our Webcast “Accelerate Deployment of SAP S/4HANA with SAP Model Company.”

Daniel LoPolito

About Daniel LoPolito

Daniel LoPolito is Vice President and Head of SAP Business Transformation Services in North America. He is on the front lines of digital transformation working closely with CEOs, CIOs, and business executives from many different industries and draws on over 25 years of experience to define and build customers’ digital transformation strategies. He has successfully led large, multiscale transformation projects for many large and midsize businesses. With the help of Dan’s team, SAP customers are guided on how best to consume the technology that will enable them to successfully transform to a digital enterprise.