Using Data Creatively To Drive The Intelligent Enterprise

Ginger Gatling

Innovate. Create new revenue streams. Increase profits. Put the customer first.

Each of these business mandates requires technology and intelligent data. In recent years, corporate profits have been attributed to technology and how it creatively uses data: data within your company as well as external data.

This midmarket podcast series brings together experts to discuss the impact of technology on midsize businesses and the value of data management.

You can listen to this five-part series on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher, Player FM, or YouTube.

Topics include:

  • Accurate and Affordable Data Cleansing in the Cloud. This podcast discusses the importance of data quality as a foundation for any business initiative. It drills into a pay-as-you-go microservice embedded into SAP applications that creates a data quality firewall. Listen to this podcast if you are an existing SAP customer with at least one SAP application.
  • Make Data More Accessible with Data Warehousing. This podcast discusses skills needed for building a SQL data warehouse, trends for data warehousing, and the technologies for building data warehouses in the cloud. Listen to this podcast if you are considering a move towards SQL data warehousing, either on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Architecture & Designs That Drive Implementation for the Midmarket. Enterprise architecture lays the foundation for innovation and technology projects. Enterprise architecture enables you to leverage a single, integrated environment to design, analyze, and share your organization’s strategies, requirements, processes, data, and IT landscapes. This podcast focuses on architecture and designs for the midmarket and brings together both enterprise architects and midsize experts.
  • Midmarket Data Management to Drive the Intelligent Enterprise. This podcast breaks down SAP’s vision of the intelligent enterprise to what that really means for midmarket companies. From technology to product development, customer engagement, and business operations. It includes discussion of a recent IDC study on the growing value of data management for midsize businesses. It highlights some quick facts from the study.

In addition to these podcasts focused on midsize businesses, there are additional podcasts focused on technology trends and building a strong data foundation – from data management trends to process excellence to geospatial applications that drive innovation.

Hope to see you on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher, Player FM, or YouTube.

About Ginger Gatling

Ginger Gatling is part of the SAP Database and Data Management product marketing team. She has been an enabler of SAP capabilities including information management, cloud applications, cloud integration, process integration, workflow, security, and collaboration. She has co-authored two books as well as multiple blogs, articles, and how-to videos.