How Human And Machine Intelligence Powers The Intelligent Enterprise

Dan Kearnan

Part of the “CIO’s Intelligent Enterprise series”

Transforming a company into an intelligent enterprise is not as simple as declaring it to be so, or even as simple as moving data and applications off premises and into the cloud. The intelligent enterprise is a complex organism that brings together machine and human intelligence across all business functions to deliver value to customers.

Finding the right infrastructure and ongoing support is crucial. It can enable your organization to:

  • Automate everyday business processes and deliver them through consistent and personalized user experiences.
  • Help users to manage data from any source and in any format and support the development, integration, and extension of next-generation business applications to drive innovation.
  • Leverage intelligent technologies including machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics, and blockchain to capitalize on data by detecting patterns, predicting outcomes, and suggesting actions.

While each of the above is an essential piece in powering the intelligent enterprise, today we’ll look at how a digital platform plays an indispensable role in delivering accelerated and trusted innovation for transformative business outcomes.

The innovation core

The digital platform is the innovation core of the intelligent enterprise. The key concept is to modernize your existing core business technologies and processes to create digital experiences enriched with the intelligent technologies that seamlessly connect with the platform.

With the right technology, for example, you can deploy ready-to-use business services on a custom basis, accelerating innovation while conserving resources, and build cloud-native apps using IoT, blockchain, ML, AI, and other next-generation technologies.

An intelligent enterprise must be able to manage, share, process, and analyze any information anywhere, at any time. Predictive insights help invent and run intelligent processes that can lead to transformative business outcomes. And an intelligent enterprise is capable of offering faultless user experiences across all applications, enabling continuous connectivity between humans, apps, and machines. Agile technology supports the intelligent enterprise with tight integration of both data and processes, along with analytics and transactions for real-time awareness in any situation.

With the right foundation, you can integrate existing systems, processes, and crucial business knowledge to become seamlessly connected and capable of innovating with agility and speed. Read more here, and stay tuned for upcoming posts in this series to learn more about the other pillars in a support system for the intelligent enterprise.

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Dan Kearnan

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Dan Kearnan is senior director of marketing for Cloud Solutions at SAP Americas. With 20 years of experience in the field of cloud, analytics, data warehousing, and in-memory technologies, he brings extensive knowledge in cloud solutions, analytics, and data management to his current role. Dan has worked with many large and midsize companies over the years to help them define and plan their cloud and data management strategies