Top Five CIO Blogs Of August 2018

Jean Loh

Here are the top picks for August in CIO Knowledge, including topics ranging from the potential impact of the chief digital officer on the intelligent enterprise to the uses of geospatial tools. Contributors from IBM and Lenovo Data Center Group offered perspectives on technology trends, and a five-part series explored the unexpected business benefits of GDPR. Worth reading – or rereading!

How The CDO Can Improve The Customer Experience

From Farm To Table: Bringing AI Into An Enterprise

Putting IT At The Heart Of Your M&A

GDPR As Catalyst: Become A More Competitive Company (Part 5)

Movies, Data Realities, And The Uses Of Geospatial Tools

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Jean Loh

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Jean Loh is the director, Global Audience Marketing at SAP. She is an experienced marketing and communication professional, currently responsible for developing thought leadership content that is unbiased and audience-led while addressing market challenges to illuminate and solve the unmet needs of CFOs, CIOs, and the wider global finance and IT audience.