GDPR As Catalyst: Become A More Competitive Company (Part 5)

Cindy Morel

Part 5 of the “GDPR as Catalyst” series

Collaboration is key for businesses that want to lead the way in innovation and transform into digital businesses. But if employees and business partners have to wait too long to access the information they need, productivity may suffer and key initiatives may stall.

Traditional role-based access control requires an administrator to update access entitlement information manually on individual user profiles. This can be a cumbersome process prone to error and delay. Incorporating an attribute-based access control (ABAC) model enables preventive policies to be applied during transaction execution before enterprise data is transmitted.

Simple policies that can be easily administered by business owners and rapidly applied to all connected systems can help organizations roll out new access-control policies instantly across their entire user base. This way, they can react rapidly to take advantage of business opportunities even when they involve a new set of compliance requirements.

Establishing robust data segregation rules that comply fully with regulatory mandates not only supports correct data classification, it also makes it easier to report accurately on the status of data objects. And advanced auditing tools enable companies to track and report on access requests for sensitive enterprise and personal data. By logging all access to enterprise data, organizations can improve the efficiency of their reporting processes.

Preventing sensitive enterprise data from falling into the wrong hands minimizes the risk of noncompliance penalties such as fines, enables collaboration and innovation, and can help organizations become more competitive.

At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP Market Influencer Eric Kavanagh sat down with Keng Lim, CEO of NextLabs, to discuss how intelligent enterprises will leverage new data access and management policies to become more competitive and accelerate transformation. Keng’s recommendation: “If you’re looking to transform your business to become more of a digital company, at the core of it is the information, and how you can share the information. So if you do it right, this could actually be a catalyst to help you become a much more competitive company.”

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Cindy Morel

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