Leading The Digital Platform Revolution Across Industries

Sabine Soellheim

Around the world, leading companies and organizations are using cutting-edge technologies to transform their business, drive innovation, and win in an increasingly digital economy. These businesses are a cut above their competitors in many ways, but what sets them apart the most are the technologies they use to support themselves, as well as their industries and customers.

Platform technologies are helping these businesses reach their goals and discover new ones, regardless of the industry. Take a look at just some of the industries where leading companies are leaping ahead in innovative ways.


Companies providing and managing energy for people around the world are uniquely positioned to harness the power of platform technologies as they move immense amounts of data – about their customers, their energy, and their finances – each day.

As a leading energy provider in Switzerland, Alpiq AG needs to know a lot of things: How much energy will be available when, and at what price? When is the best time to buy or sell an energy contingent? To better support its energy investments, as well as countless customers across the country, Alpiq built an energy reporting system based on a native data warehouse running on a platform that could provide transparency and near-real-time insights into its energy deal portfolio. In doing so, the company faced 40% less data preparation and maintenance effort and experienced 100x faster analysis and reporting of data related to energy trading.

Thousands of miles away, China General Nuclear Power Corporation sought to automate its entire system issue-and-inspection lifecycle with a solution that could combine information from inspectors, engineers, and the business side with product intelligence recommendations. With this solution, it halved the daily efforts of its senior technical experts. Similarly, enersis suisse AG sought to manage its data by integrating all of it into one platform. A European energy startup, enersis created an app that could integrate all energy-related data of a city, municipality, or region, providing utility companies with a new digital platform they can offer to their municipal customers or use to improve grid performance. Now, happier customers are driving sales with new service offerings.

Life sciences and healthcare

Companies in the life sciences and healthcare industries depend on sensitive and potentially life-saving data. Patient data needs technology that can afford it top-tier protection, while disease data needs to be easily analyzed for maximum clinical impact. CBmed is a biomarker researcher, meaning it works with data that can indicate the presence of a disease. It used a platform to make patient data from routine documentation available for biomarker discovery. By making this data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable, the data of two million patients is now available for disease research. And Gustave Roussy, one of the world’s premier cancer research institutes and treatment centers, aggregated the data of over 300,000 patients with the help of platform technology. This solution enabled the center to see and analyze genomic and clinical data in real time.

Bastide Groupe, specializing in the service delivery of medical devices, started an ambitious digital transformation in 2017 and launched three projects with a cloud platform. Now, Bastide orders are 10x faster, and there are 10% fewer errors in order input. Pfizer, too, wanted real-time insights into its data. Using platform technology, the biopharmaceutical company designed and implemented a warehouse solution that is yielding 3x faster data loads, 5x faster reports processing, and a 70% reduction in job failures.

High tech

Innovation also happens at the intersection of industries. HarrisLogic, a company combining high tech and clinical services, paired a cutting-edge platform with the skills of mental health professionals to update and upgrade its technology stack. These changes helped support fast, live, and accurate decision-making in behavioral health settings, and HarrisLogic experienced a 24% reduction in behavioral health crisis spend.

Meanwhile, Wipro Technologies used a platform to build a solution that addressed challenges in the oil and gas industry with the real-time and remote monitoring of pipelines. This helped the Indian information services company reduce manual inspections and safety hazards for maintenance operators with a reduction in inspection costs of 10% to 20%.

Can you win with a digital platform?

Companies across industries are using platform technologies to thrive in their industries – or transcend beyond their boundaries. All these companies were recognized at the SAP Innovation Awards, which celebrates the achievements of top companies using platform technologies from SAP.

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Sabine Soellheim

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