Top Reasons For Agile Data Operations Management

Ella Brand

Thought leaders of digital transformation and disruption already understand the value of proper business-process modeling. Accepting that every organization wants to be data-driven, we should recognize that data flows are nothing else but business workflows without prose.

Therefore, proper data operations are key to enable the agile management of data in a complex enterprise landscape as we see it nowadays. Data orchestration and integration efforts are largely manual today. Usually, it requires involving expensive technical consulting and quite unperturbable calm (or Bierruhe in German).

I think it is time to invest in a sophisticated data operations management solution. Here are some good things it will deliver:

  1. Universal view of the enterprise and Big Data: Get a consolidated view and control of all data from all data sources covering business processes and applications.
  1. Intelligent discovery of data relationships: Improve data quality through cleansing and get a graphical view of data and metadata correlations across your enterprise.
  1. Efficient data enrichment: Employ distributed data-pipeline processing and refinement using a variety of computation techniques such as OLAP, graph, time series, and machine learning.
  1. Scalable data operations: Orchestrate data end to end, identify and process data close to where it resides, and move only the results that are absolutely necessary to the use case to avoid expensive data movement.
  1. Optimal compliance and data governance across the enterprise: Maintain your security policy dynamically in one place and help ensure that policy measures are in place to meet corporate and regulatory requirements.

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Ella Brand

About Ella Brand

Ella Brand is the product marketing lead for SAP Data Hub with expertise and a general focus on analytics and Big Data solutions.