What Every CIO Needs To Know About Trends In User Experience Design

Ivo van Barneveld

Part 1 in the 5-part “UX Design for CIOs Series

For decades, the job of a user experience (UX) designer came down to designing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that allowed end users to get things done. When the first GUIs appeared in the 1980s, the design of business applications was limited to spreading icons, menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes, placed more or less logically across the screen. Luckily, those times are over for good.

Modern business applications are on par with the best consumer applications. Their GUIs are the result of a design-led development process: end users have been observed and interviewed, wireframes and prototypes have been validated and iterated, and visual designers have put their best foot forward in creating beautiful user interfaces. And by using interaction patterns like tap, swipe, and pinch instead of type, click, and scroll, GUIs are more intuitive than ever before. Putting it in context of SAP: SAP Fiori is the living example of how the company’s GUI has transformed in just a couple of years.

But … all good things come to an end. Don’t worry, I don’t mean to say that GUIs will cease to exist anytime soon. However, the message I would like to convey here is that we are starting to reach the limit of graphical user interfaces.

Now you might wonder: what’s next? Is there a better way to interact with products and systems around us than a GUI? What could possibly replace all those websites and applications that we use every day? Before answering these questions, let’s first look at some trends in the market, which we’ll do in this series.

Stay tuned for my next blog on Thursday, Nov. 9, where we’ll see how artificial intelligence and messaging apps have entered everyday life.

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Ivo van Barneveld

About Ivo van Barneveld

Ivo van Barneveld is a passionate evangelist of innovations in user experience, mobile, and Internet of Things. His work focuses on the intersection of technology and business. He is currently a member of the UX Customer Office team in SAP Global Design, with the remit to drive adoption of SAP’s award-winning user experience, SAP Fiori. Previously, he worked at SAP as a lead consultant, supporting customers with planning and executing digital transformation strategies. Prior to joining SAP in 2012, he held several business development, account manager, and partner manager roles at Nokia and Layar, among others. Ivo holds a Master’s degree in Applied Physics from the Delft University of Technology, and is based in the Netherlands.