5 Reasons Why Quality Assurance Matters For A Digital Strategy

Melissa Burns

Quality assurance has always been an important part of running a business – but it became doubly so with the advent of digital technology and, consequently, digital strategy. The thing is, when something is wrong with a physical product or a real-life service, it usually doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that some improvement is in order. When it comes to digital tech, however, things are much less obvious. Let’s take a look at why QA should be a fundamental element of your digital strategy.

1. Without quality assurance, you can lose customers

Try to look at the situation from another viewpoint – that of a user. It doesn’t matter whether you deal with a standalone IT product or a business-related app. The primary purpose of any IT product is to make the user’s life easier, more pleasant, and less troublesome. If it runs smoothly, everything is fine. If, however, it crashes, freezes, has an obtuse UI, or lacks necessary functions, it does nothing but annoy the user, who may start looking for an alternative.

2. IT product quality isn’t always obvious

Unlike with physical goods and services, an imperfection in an IT product may exist for months (if not years) without anybody realizing that the situation needs to be rectified.

3. You should treat an IT product just like any other

You would be outraged if your car randomly switched gears, turned on the radio, and activated an airbag, wouldn’t you? So why do we tend to treat IT products differently? Make sure everything works properly before the launch. Don’t underestimate the importance of testing of all main features and resolving issues. An IT product is still a product, so it’s essential to be customer-oriented in terms of providing maximum value to the final users and offering ongoing after-sales support.

4. QA helps you see your product through the customer’s eyes

QA is just as much about evaluating the effectiveness of your product as it is about finding bugs. All too often, employees and representatives are too excited about the new addition to their digital strategy to see how it affects their customers. They may be blind to its flaws. It may not fulfill its purpose. It may have functions that nobody wants.

5. QA creates the culture of quality

Consistent and constant QA can steadily alter the entire culture of your business, achieving proper quality in everybody’s job. By concentrating on achieving results rather than just doing a job, QA points out what is really important about everyone’s mission and encourages every employee to make a contribution towards the common goal.

In short, quality assurance can uncover flaws before you launch and help you promptly locate mistakes after the fact – and eliminate them before they harm the reputation of your business.

If you don’t have the resources to employ a full-time quality assurance staff, consider hiring a consultant to help. As a best practice, bring on the consultant before product launch, and set expectations for the consultant to focus on implementing innovative solutions to the issues. Then monitor and support the project on an ongoing basis.

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Melissa Burns

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