The Future Of Innovation: Simple, Fast, And In The Cloud

Oliver Huschke

Part 5 of the “Kick-Starting Innovation” series

Throughout this blog series, we have examined a variety of ways to drive business innovation. Showrooms, digital design zones, and empowerment sessions – each of these mechanisms is combining the skills and insight needed to explore the potential for industry-disruptive innovation.

For many businesses, these tools are an excellent way to prove their innovation muscle when creating and delivering digitally enhanced products, services, and experiences. But now that we’re living in a pivotal time where technology and industry routinely intersect, it’s also critical to democratize information and encourage collaboration to help quickly and efficiently transition a “really good idea” from prototype to production and revenue generation.

Increasing the speed and efficiency of innovation with cloud platforms

Over the last few years, I have noticed a dramatic shift from on-premises IT environments to cloud platforms among companies that want to adopt an all-inclusive innovation style. They’re rapidly building and deploying applications to deliver more value faster to customers as well as the business. They’re extending and integrating business processes to command greater agility. And they’re instantly analyzing and responding with real-time mobile apps that encourage action within a short window of time to seize opportunity.

Take, for example, Danone, a multinational corporation dedicated to bringing good health through delicious, nutritious food products to more than 7.5 billion people worldwide. To develop closer ties with its customers in unexpected ways, the company decided to leverage personalized two-way communications to capture interaction data on its backend systems. But there was a problem: Danone didn’t have an IT budget that could support the upfront costs for innovating a proprietary system with great sophistication.

After migrating on-premises applications to a cloud platform, Danone is starting small and paying incrementally throughout its innovation process. This approach not only provides access to a reliable, scalable, highly secure infrastructure; it also allows the ease and speed needed to build user-friendly applications without overburdening resources.

The company now benefits from standards-based development, seamless integration, and flexible and scalable operations – which are accelerating the development cycle and helping developers learn new technology faster. More important, Danone is combining data from its own applications with resources such as Facebook and Twitter to find insight and actionable data that can help decision-makers quickly explore potential new markets and opportunities.

As Danone clearly demonstrates, a cloud platform empowers businesses to innovate in ways never thought possible. The cloud strips away barriers that would otherwise prevent organizations and employees from working together to build new applications. In turn, companies can expedite the extension and integration of existing applications, power innovative customer scenarios, and accelerate new products and services that use emerging technology such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, and much more – all faster and easier than ever before.

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Oliver Huschke

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