The Secret To Avoiding Hacks That Can Wipe Out Your Business

Andy Greig

Cyber criminals, from the hobbyist amateur to the sophisticated professional, are taking cyber attacks to an entirely new level. International bank heists, disrupted elections, state-sponsored misinformation campaigns, corporate espionage, and data theft impacting hundreds of millions of people are just a few of the chaotic things that have happened so far this year – and 2017 is only halfway done.

The rise in hacks is certainly a concern, but the most worrisome aspect is what these attacks are targeting. Cyber attackers are no longer cashing in on monetary ransom; the real money is found in hijacking stored data. Take, for example, the WannaCry virus containing malicious code nicknamed Petya. Analysis conducted by computer security researchers revealed that the virus, disguised as ransomware, was a data wiper that destroyed and damaged information, even after the victim paid to regain control.

In an economy that highly values speed, agility, and innovation, the impact of this latest class of attacks is more disastrous than ever. So why is 75% of enterprise infrastructure and software spend expected to go toward cloud offerings this year?

A framework for building the best line of cyber-security defense in the cloud

The growth in cloud adoption is directly attributed to an expansive appetite for faster time to value; new technologies; and hyperconnected, real-time value chains. Organizations are now challenged to evaluate – and reevaluate – their business models and find ways to move faster with flexibility and strategic decision making. Although most companies are currently mingling between on-premise and cloud applications, most innovations are delivered as pure-play cloud apps.

Businesses can take advantage of everything the cloud promises while remaining data-secure by leveraging the digital transformation framework based on based on five fundamental components:

  • Omnichannel customer experience
  • Supplier collaboration across all spend categories
  • Processes for all core lines of business, powered by an in-memory computing platform
  • Engagement of full-time employees and contingent workers
  • Asset management and the Internet of Things to drive real-time insights and new business models
digital core

Figure: Key Pillars of a Digital Plan and Architecture

In addition to delivering significant value to the business and its customers, the methodology is built with data privacy and cyber-security in mind. By adding an enterprise cloud platform powered by in-memory computing to this landscape, companies are benefitting from greater transparency of system controls and measures, enabling data protection and adoption of best practices specific to business processes and cyber-security policies.

A prime example is the University Clinic RWTH Aachen. The major German research hospital chose an enterprise cloud platform to move its core ERP, business warehouse, and HR systems to the cloud. After the migration, medical analyses are now available within seconds, and doctors can apply their expertise in a more targeted manner. Most importantly, an IT operation running in a certified data center provides a higher level of protection that far exceeds its limited resources.

A multifaceted approach to drive innovation with intensified data privacy and cyber security

A multidimensional approach to cloud privacy and security controls spans technology, processes, and people. Companies can rest assure that each layer of the enterprise is equipped to protect data and preserve confidentiality.

At SAP, we help ensure that these measures are rigorously enforced and provide documentation to proof that they are consistently enforced. By following industry-standard certifications and standards-based operational processes that include security management, infrastructure controls, and governance functionality, we help you improve compliance with requirements and achieve a low-risk rating. Find out how SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud can keep your data safe and secure by reducing complexity, driving innovation, and unleashing the full value of SAP HANA. Check out the SAP white paper “Unlocking the Full Value of SAP HANA with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for details on solution capabilities and customer testimonials.

Andy Greig

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