Enterprise Mobility Takes CEPSA’s Digital Strategy From Good To Groundbreaking

Joaquin Reyes

All too often, companies make the avoidable mistake of maintaining the status quo, turning a potentially great market leader into an also-ran industry follower. As one of the largest petroleum companies in the world, CEPSA is well aware of the risk of remaining complacent with market success.

Today, CEPSA is an integrated energy group that is present in all phases of the petroleum value chain – from exploration, production, refining, and transportation to marketing, trading, cogeneration, and commercialization of energy and high-value raw material. Each area demands the best processes to support more than 11,000 professionals scattered across approximately 40 companies in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We refine over 35% of Spain’s production capacity and 2.7% of the European Union’s.

Whenever our customers and partners demand better knowledge and visibility into our operations, their orders, and changing conditions, we make a point to fulfill that requirement quickly. Lately, my team and I have improved our ability to respond to these requests by simplifying and reinventing business processes in the cloud. But even though our businesses, organizations, data sources, and processes are firmly integrated on one platform, CEPSA still needed to further digitally transform to provide a user experience that is not only context-based, real-time, and simple, but also consistently accurate and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Enterprise mobility intensifies digital evolution

After we had evolved our enterprise resource planning system into a fully consolidated solution running on a single in-memory computing platform, we decided to incorporate enterprise mobility into our digital plan. This approach allowed us to improve the user experience throughout our financial and logistical processes by designing, deploying, and rolling out three native iOS apps. Best of all, we leveraged our existing deployment of a cloud-based, in-memory platform to deliver these apps within one week by the use of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

  1. CEPSA Inbox – The primary intent behind the development of this customer-centric app is to accelerate the process of approving an order request, verifying a customer’s credit limit, and generating the transport order. The app was designed to provide customers with a list of their pending, processed, and completed orders as well as details about a particular purchase. We added functionality that enables customers to generate a PDF of an order and update or reject a pending request. Also, the app takes the information from every order in a customer’s profile to create a forecast visualization to help predict future delivery needs.
  1. CEPSA Order – After we realized the value of our customer app, it became apparent that our service stations could benefit from the same level of visibility and access to information. CEPSA Order provides a new simple user experience to reorder fuel and other items needed to run the stations. Like CEPSA Inbox, this app gives station owners historical insight into their pending, processed, and completed orders. Users can generate a PDF of an order to keep for their records and a graphical analysis to visualize a future forecast of petroleum demand and delivery needs.
  1. CEPSA Pay – Increasingly adopted by our customers, this mobile payment app drives seamless continuity of the purchase experience. The app integrates the Internet of Things, the geolocation function of mobile devices, existing mobile payment interfaces (such as Apple Pay), and loyalty rewards data.

For our service stations, this is a great opportunity to streamline the point of purchase, removing the traditional cash register from the equation. Customers are even finding that purchasing petroleum is much simpler and more convenient. More important, the back office is tracking sales and revenue growth in real time while evaluating this captured information to address emerging financial risks, sales opportunities, and shifts in customer behavior.

Combining the cloud and mobile apps drives speed, efficiency, and simplification

It is often said that digital transformation turns good companies into great companies. However, I believe that such a transition requires technology investments that combine meaningful user experiences with high-quality, smart applications. For us, the answer is to connect our cloud platform with mobile apps that is a best-of-breed enterprise usability design created by SAP and Apple to deliver real-time information and power exceptional experiences from the back office to the customer.

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Joaquin Reyes

About Joaquin Reyes

Appointed CIO of CEPSA in 2003, Joaquín Reyes has been working actively to implement an IT strategy contributing to reaching CEPSA corporate objectives in all business areas. Deployment of global digital processes and shared services are key strategies to achieve consistent business integration and maximum efficiency. Joaquín started his professional career at Empresarios Agrupados and Gibbs & Hill, working as a safety engineer at nuclear power plants, followed with a position in the Operations Research Department of CEPSA. Facing the deregulation of the market in Spain in 1992, he took on the responsibility of IT manager of the new service station network to build its IT strategy and implement the solutions required to support the new retail activities.