Live Expert Chat Services: Strengthening Enterprise Application Support With A Rising Commerce Trend

Andreas Heckmann

Enterprise application support is undergoing a reformation that’s unconventional, far-reaching, and fundamentally driven by everyday customer experiences. As digital channels evolve how we shop for goods and services, share experiences, and collaborate with each other in our personal lives, the more we expect technology to provide these same experiences in other areas of our lives, especially at work. Websites, mobile apps, social networks, email, enterprise collaboration platforms, etc. have been widely adopted to help employees of all levels and skill sets get the information they need to make the best use of their business’ technology. However, there is one emerging innovation that may take the user experience to new heights.

According to Gartner, 25% of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual assistant technology – such as live-expert chat services – across engagement channels within the next three years, up from less than two percent in 2015. And in two years’ time, requests for IT support through consumer messaging apps will exceed those submitted through social media.

It looks like another channel is opening up in an already diverse IT support communication network. But is it just another nice-to-have channel? Or an opportunity to improve technology adoption and optimize use?

Live-expert chat services improve the overall user experience

According to an Econsultancy study, live-expert chat was the highest-rated customer service experience, with 73% of people who use that channel indicating the highest satisfaction levels compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone customer service.

When we launched the our own expert chat service, we quickly realized that its success in strengthening the customer experience translated into tangible operational improvements. Since its launch in June 2016, 82% of our customers rated their satisfaction with the service at eight or higher on a 10-point scale. Plus, over 60% of incidents were resolved during the chat and the average chat lasted only 25 minutes – outpacing ticket-based support that typically requires several days to get the same job done.

In addition to time savings, our customers shared additional advantages including:

  • Higher productivity among employees: The faster issues are resolved, the more efficient and productive business users can be. Expert chat has considerably shortened the amount of time needed to resolve incidents and maintain solutions.
  • Accelerating answers: Live chat optimizes support processes by acquiring and consolidating all pertinent information at an early stage in order to solve an issue during the live chat session. In addition, if the support request requires deeper investigation, having all the information available helps the expert provide a satisfactory resolution faster than traditional support models can.
  • Simpler initiation of support services: Live-expert chat services begin with just a click, swipe, and tap. Our customers can access expert-chat services through a support launchpad, which provides a central place to access all the support channels that we provide. Users can now interact directly with our support engineers through a real-time conversation – anytime, anywhere.

Based on my conversations with organizations that are using live-expert chat, it is clear that live-expert chat services have the capacity to optimize digital investments and drive greater operational efficiency at a pace we’ve never seen. The technology promotes an ongoing dialogue that helps IT and business users increase the relevance of acquired applications, pinpoint new opportunities for improvement and value-add innovation, and foster enduring relationships that go far beyond the initial request.

If you are interested in experiencing how live expert chat services can revolutionize IT support and the user experience, check out Expert Chat, which is available for a portfolio of on-premises and cloud solutions.

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.

Andreas Heckmann

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