It’s Time To Rethink Cloud For Your Business

Andy Greig

There’s no disputing the benefits of cloud computing. From greater flexibility and scalability to increased business efficiency, it’s clear that cloud has been a game-changer for many companies.

Yet not everyone is sold. Concerned about issues such as security and reliability that created questions about older generations of the technology, many decision makers still hesitate to embrace private cloud solutions for their organizations.

But times – and technology – have changed. Your colleagues know this. So do your competitors. Many of them have already successfully deployed cloud solutions in their businesses.

What can you learn from these leading companies about using private cloud to spark digital transformation and support your business? Let’s review just a few of the results.


Based in Seoul, South Korea, this US$24 million retailer of beauty products wanted to improve inventory accuracy, increase logistics insight, and create a foundation for growth. Using a private cloud solution, the company deployed new financial software in just five months. Since the implementation, Memebox has enjoyed a 300% increase in revenue, a 100% increase in inventory accuracy, and a 50% increase in sales productivity thanks to on-the-go data access. Pretty impressive.

Reuters News Agency

Reporting political polling information requires speed and accuracy. Reuters needed to deploy a new polling application before the impending U.S. presidential elections and quickly extract key insights from enormous data volumes. In just two months, the company implemented a cloud solution that abbreviated the application development process. With the ability to quickly parse 100 million poll responses and ready new data from analysis in less than 30 seconds (instead of 30 minutes), Reuters quickly became a leading source for breaking election news. Winning strategy.

European Schools

To meet its goal of reducing logistics and administrative effort, European Schools had to replace its 20-year old custom legacy IT system. The organization, representing 14 schools in seven European Union countries, chose a private cloud solution. In just three months, European Schools automated 95% of its core processes and deployed current technology – without incurring any resource costs. A significant improvement in accountability followed, and self-service procurement tools helped boost both cost control and compliance – without the need to invest in IT staff to maintain the system. Valuable lesson.

These companies are just a few examples of the innovative application of private cloud technology. As we meet with customers around the world, I’m impressed to see business leaders open their minds and look deeper into technology that they once feared or dismissed. The results speak for themselves.

Want to read more about companies that have turned private cloud technology into business advantage? Learn more in this infographic.

What’s holding you back from embracing private cloud? Can you afford to wait for your competitors to show you how it’s done?

Andy Greig

About Andy Greig

Andy Greig is the Global Marketing Plan Lead, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, at SAP. His primary focus is to create marketing and social media campaigns to help customers realize the benefits and value of SAP Services.