The App That Hit Korea By Storm

Kim Mecca

The app Baedal Minjok (“Nation of Deliveries”) has hit Korea by storm. A food delivery service based in Seoul, South Korea, it launched in 2010 and is still rising strong, currently servicing more than 150,000 restaurants and growing internationally.

In 2016, the Woowa Brothers, founders of Baedal Minjok, won an award (The International Stevies) for Best Marketing Campaign. The campaign aimed at getting small, local-delivery restaurants the attention they deserve, using signage from these local restaurants in its promotional pieces, to create exposure for restaurants that would otherwise remain in the shadows of better-known establishments. This had never been done before.

The secret behind the secret

The secret behind the Woowa Brothers’ success? CEO Kim Bongjin’s creativity and discipline-driven values create a startup culture that fosters interesting design and catchy marketing ideas. Think brand identification items, from Post-Its that say “When is mom’s birthday?” to pens sporting the tagline “I will be used one day.”

The team has also created thrilling promotional videos that enable app users to discover local restaurants that otherwise might never enjoy such exposure. The rating and reviews feature helps users to make takeout choices based on insights shared by other users. Radio ads announced first-place winners for best-rated restaurant in a specific category, taking the focus off promoting the app and helping users get the most benefit from their service.

The Woowa Brothers’ marketing strategy effectively helped them double their app downloads in one year, to reach 20 million downloads. It also helped local restaurants increase their visibility and sales. The result: happy restaurant owners, satisfied consumers, and a good growth-related problem to solve. 

A good problem to have

With this new problem came the need for more adaptability and new business needs centered around reliable data to drive business decisions. The startup needed a user-friendly approach to consistently manage tasks, as well as a way to streamline management and standardization, and a system and processes that could scale with an ever-evolving, growing business.

Woowa Brothers sought out expert advice from leaders with a proven track record for IT solutions in the industry. Running live with a next-generation ERP business suite has allowed them to simplify and manage their expanding business in real time, processing more than 6.3 million transactions automatically, with zero errors in the first seven months after implementation.

With mobile app usage continuing to grow and the need to eat definitely here to stay, Woowa Brothers will continue to need an ever-expanding, adaptable IT infrastructure that can support the rewards it reaps from viable, constantly evolving business and marketing ideas.

The end result of running live: getting more good food to more good people more effectively. The byproduct: more growth potential for restaurant owners and happy consumers. Rising strong has never been so satiating.

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