2017 Top 5 Data And Analytics Predictions

Pat Saporito

Here are my Top 5 predictions for the new year.

Prediction #1: Strategy rules

Companies continue to refine and operationalize their digital strategy in support of the overall business strategy. They continue to refine their analytics and data strategies to reflect their digital strategy evolution and move beyond digital pilots to truly digital business models.

Prediction #2: Customer engagement trumps customer experience

Organizations continue to leverage mobile, digital, and real-time data to truly engage customers and business partners. They use gamification and other technologies for true engagement. They partner with digital upstarts and create or extend innovation labs for ideation.

Prediction #3: Data governance gets its due

Data governance finally gets center stage as companies recognize the true value of data quality and understandability for self-service and in increasing customer and partner extended self-service. More complete end-to-end data governance programs are put in place; however, companies right-size governance to focus on priority areas and avoid governance bloat.

Prediction #4: Agility is king, long live the cloud

Companies begin to seriously embrace the cloud for agility for new applications and to extend access to customers and partners. They develop hybrid architectures and find ways to make data accessible both in on-premises and cloud environments.

Prediction #5: AI/machine learning takes hold

Companies move to leverage more automated decisioning and assisted decisioning using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. They develop professional development and incentives to address anticipated cultural resistance to AI. They increase use of business systems analysts to develop business rules to make AI and machine learning a reality.

What do you think? Anything else on your list? Connect with me here, or on Twitter at @PatSaporito

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Pat Saporito

About Pat Saporito

Pat Saporito is a senior director, Global Center of Excellence for Analytics and Analytics Strategy Program Leader at SAP.  She helps customers across industries develop a business and value-driven analytics strategy. Pat has 20+ years in data warehousing and analytics. She is an insurance industry analytics expert and author of the book, Applied Insurance Analytics (FT Press/Pearson). She is on advisory board for Stevens Institute of Technology’s Big Data and Analytics Masters Program and a mentor with the Global Insurance Accelerator an incubator for Insure Tech startups.