How Three Digital Leaders Are Achieving Strategic Change

Susan Galer

When it comes to digital transformation, Darwinism may be completely wrong, customer satisfaction is highest when IT isn’t involved, and the dangers of shadow IT become irrelevant. These are just some of the insights shared by executives from three leading-edge companies focused on digitalization. All are using the latest technologies from SAP to connect the business end-to-end in the cloud for amazing, measurable outcomes.

This video replay of a roundtable session titled “Investigate the Critical Elements of Change,” captures their fascinating discussion, which was hosted by Daniel Newman, CEO at Broadsuite Media Group at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW event. Each panelist emphasized how they worked effectively with strategic SAP partners – Lexmark used TCS, Murphy Oil turned to Accenture, and National DCP selected Deloitte. Here are few additional lesson excerpts:

The one way to get everyone on board

Acknowledge that change is difficult – even when people know it’s ultimately in their best interests, explained Mike Orr, director of IT strategy and planning at Murphy Oil, about his organization’s proven way to motivate almost 100% employee adoption of new digitalized business processes.

Make a step-by-step plan to effect real change

Darrell Riekena, CIO/COO at National DCP, a $2 billion supply chain management cooperative serving Dunkin Donuts franchisees, said that his dual role evolved as a logical response to digitalization, where IT works together with the business supporting corporate objectives. He described how his company is tackling digital transformation with success, from the evolution of his role to the formation of teams effecting real change company-wide.

How to translate IT projects into business outcomes

Darrin Chatman, senior manager of SAP architecture, described how Lexmark’s IT strategy shifted with the company’s move away from hardware. He shared his team’s surefire way to create excitement and build momentum for accepting digital change at the outset and across transformational projects.

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