Enterprise Data And Analytics Strategy: The Whole Is Greater!

Pat Saporito

Data is exploding; IT teams are wrestling with data management, security, and accessibility; end users are trying to get analytics however they can.

Recently some customers have challenged whether it’s possible, or even relevant, to define an enterprise data and analytics strategy in these days of self service and continuous disruption.

As tempting as it may be to practice analytics isolationism – just focusing on departmental analytics – the lack of an overarching vision and road map will only lead to (more) data chaos, redundant and inconsistent development, and higher total cost of ownership. So the short answer is yes, an enterprise strategy, including both a vision and a road map, is more relevant than ever!

But you need both a long-term strategy and shorter term tactical capabilities In other words, a “think big, start small” approach. Develop the vision and build out the business views to support self-service and address functional priorities.

Approach it pragmatically. A great place to start is by reviewing existing reports; develop the business views from there. Then prioritize additional, significant efforts based on corporate business strategy.

Don’t forget to leverage best practices and apply “right sized” analytic and data governance.  BI/analytics competency centers are not dead; they also are also more relevant than simply defining and operationalizing your data and analytics strategy.

So beware of tempting shortcuts, you’ll only end up with a major initiative, two to three years down the line, focused on addressing the data silos and conflicting non-aligned analytics.

To quote Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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Pat Saporito

About Pat Saporito

Pat Saporito is a senior director, Global Center of Excellence for Analytics and Analytics Strategy Program Leader at SAP.  She helps customers across industries develop a business and value-driven analytics strategy. Pat has 20+ years in data warehousing and analytics. She is an insurance industry analytics expert and author of the book, Applied Insurance Analytics (FT Press/Pearson). She is on advisory board for Stevens Institute of Technology’s Big Data and Analytics Masters Program and a mentor with the Global Insurance Accelerator an incubator for Insure Tech startups.