Innovation Patterns And The Digital Business CIO

Matthias Haendly

The opportunity and the challenge for CIOs today, as leaders with a holistic view, is to support their organization in adopting an effective digital business strategy that expands on customer-facing or other LOB-focused initiatives, and to deliver end-to-end value across the organization and the extended business network leveraging Image_1insight, process improvement, and innovation.

An analysis of SAP customer use cases and research by Digital Bridge Partners, reveals that many leading digital CIOs design their digital strategies by planning and executing around consistent enterprise-wide patterns of change to successfully drive digital business.

As an organization’s digital strategy evolves to address these patterns and cover the breadth of the business, digital CIOs need to play a much more active leadership role in driving digital business change, working collaboratively with key line of business and other organization peers. In many cases, without the CIO’s co-leadership this evolution will not happen effectively.
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Matthias Haendly

About Matthias Haendly

Matthias Haendly is vice president of the Platform Solution Marketing group at SAP. He has spent 20 years within SAP covering development and marketing functions and is currently responsible for cross-platform topics such as simplification, digital transformation, and the next-generation data center.