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CRM In Today’s Ecosystem: What CIOs Need To Know

21-Mar-2018 | Riaz Faride

CRM helps businesses look at their markets through different lenses. This allows them to offer their products that serve the “purpose” of their respective customer base: the task the customers are trying to accomplish or a problem or issue they want to resolve.

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“The Digital CIO”: An Experience In The Digital Economy

21-Mar-2018 | Thomas Saueressig

New blog series shares personal lessons from CIOs who have taken the steps to improve speed and efficiency, eliminate wasteful practices, and avoid or overcome costly mistakes in their organizations.

Can The CIO Be The CDO?

15-Mar-2018 | Timo Elliott

If your organization must have two people for these roles, then the CIO should be a “chief infrastructure officer” – but with the CDO as the “primary business customer.”

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