The SAP Center for Business Insight 

Research Methodology:

The SAP Center for Business Insight is a program that supports the discovery and development of new research-based thinking to address the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

CBI helps executives learn from the present and prepare for the future with in-depth research, futurist points of view, and objective reporting that does not discuss specific brands of software or services.

These research-based studies follow a data-driven methodology:

Scenario and hypotheses based on extensive research: CBI works with futurists and thought leaders inside and outside of SAP to uncover trends that point to where the Digital Economy and the technology that powers it are headed. CBI gathers data and research from internal and external sources to create scenarios and hypotheses about digital transformation that are reported on in an objective, journalistic style.

3rd party statistically relevant data collection: Data collection is managed by third-party independent partners who conduct surveys with C-level executives and their direct reports.

Data, trend, and pattern analysis by SAP and research partners: Analysis is conducted by the SAP Center for Business Insight and supported by third parties to ensure a robust, data-driven analysis. The analysis focuses on a pattern and trend recognition process that builds on the data collected to ensure the validity of the conclusions. Data is further validated by in-depth interviews with a cross-section of executives surveyed.

Editorial guidelines and processes: The SAP Center for Business Insight works with SAP subject matter experts, external thought leaders, third-party research firms, and a network of experienced journalists to create research reports and articles designed to give executives foresight and guidance on how to successfully navigate digital transformation. These reports and articles do not mention or promote SAP products or services.