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Sin To is a senior director of marketing communications at SAP. She is an experienced writer on business topics, digital advertising, and ad-server technology

Fast Fashion: Is It Sustainable?

27-Nov-2019 | Sin To

Have you ever noticed that whenever there is a fashion show going on in Paris, New York, London, or Milano, you are able to buy less-expensive copies of the featured clothing just a few days later?

Skateboarding For Sustainability

12-Sep-2019 | Sin To

Did you know that skateboarding will be an Olympic sport for the first time in Tokyo in 2020? The sport that has long been associated with rough, rebellious, and "just want to have fun" young people

Vinyl Marketing: Can Vinyl Records Also Be Green?

20-Aug-2019 | Sin To

Did you know that August 12th was National Vinyl Record Day? It seems that every music store, festival, and concert you go to, there are bands that offer merchandising materials like CDs, T-shirts, an

Winning A Baby’s Smile

17-Jul-2019 | Sin To

Once my baby boy turned 6 months old, I (like most parents) started to give him “real food” in addition to baby milk. And of course, I wanted to give the best and healthiest food. It sounds so