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William Newman serves as NA Chief Automotive Strategist at SAP, providing industry perspective and strategic advisory on new and improved business capabilities and innovation. He serves as the ASUG Point of Contact for the NA Automotive SIG. When not writing for D!gitalist, Medium or LinkedIn Editor’s Choice blogs, Mr. Newman enjoys distance running, travel and learning about some of the world’s best wine regions. An accidental orange farmer and vintner, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @William_Newman.

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Automotive Service Leaders: Accelerating Growth In Aftermarket And Customer Care

24-Apr-2019 | William Newman

The automotive aftermarket is expected to reach a segment size of $1.2 trillion globally by the year 2030 (McKinsey, 2016). As such, customer care and service leaders need to prepare for this growth a

The Four Ways Of CASE In The Automotive Industry

2-Jan-2019 | William Newman

The introduction of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified) technologies has created a new set of choices for automotive companies. Each company — regardless of their origins as a Silicon

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Automotive Supply Chain Leaders: Winning In Supply Chain During A Time Of Industry Disruption

2-May-2018 | William Newman

Today’s automotive business is vast and complex. Particularly for supply chain leaders, these industry complexities represent several challenges unique to the complexities of the automotive indust

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Leading In Digital Procurement: Automakers Move To Procurement 4.0

11-Sep-2017 | William Newman

Automotive procurement leaders are facing challenges from both inside the procurement organization and outside, as impacted by other elements of the industry business. Inside procurement issues, su

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Changing The Face Of Finance In Automotive Companies

28-Jul-2017 | William Newman

Automotive finance leaders are feeling the pressures of a new landscape of change. This is coming from two compelling waves. The first wave originates in market volatility and risks as the industry tr

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Leading In Digital Manufacturing: Overcoming Challenges In A Time Of Automotive Disruption

7-Jun-2017 | William Newman

Today’s manufacturing leader is confounded by a modern-day “who moved my cheese” dilemma. As automakers increasingly move from traditional personal vehicle sales – what you and I buy today and

auto consumer hold keys to $1.5 trillion in future vehicle-enabled digital services

Enter The Digital Consumer, Driver, Services Buyer

17-Apr-2017 | William Newman

In working with several large automotive customers, it becomes clear that what it means to become digital – and to run a digital business – can take on many forms and meanings to different compani

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Top 5 Trends In Automotive For 2017

26-Dec-2016 | William Newman

It's always fun this time of year to look into the crystal ball and consider what the key trends for the coming year might be. After consuming key messaging over the past several months from a number

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Automotive Industry: “Peak Year” Challenges, Opportunities

19-Dec-2016 | William Newman

This fall I was fortunate to attend and moderate a number of automotive industry briefings highlighting the challenges and opportunities the industry faces as it moves into its anticipated peak years

Winning The Manufacturing Talent War: 3 Pitfalls To Avoid

14-Dec-2016 | William Newman

A new year offers an opportunity for reflection and resolution, and one area that’s seeing a great deal of momentum is HR transformation, particularly for manufacturing firms. Manufacturers face a