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Warren Miller is a senior writer with more than 10 years of experience. He has written extensively on the topics of marketing, customer engagement, commerce, sales, HR, and supply chain.

‘Everyone Always Wants New Things’: What Michael Scott Can Teach You About Technology

3-Jul-2017 | Warren Miller

If there’s one business leader on TV you shouldn’t model yourself after, it’s Michael Scott, the clueless boss from NBC’s “The Office.” From the insensitive way he handles employees to

Summer’s Hottest Personalized Products

15-Jun-2016 | Warren Miller

It’s easy to forget that behind every purchase, there’s a wholly unique customer. More and more, buyers are making this abundantly clear as they seek out products that are customized to their indi

Reimagine HR Like A Rock Star: Let David Bowie Be Your Guide

13-Jun-2016 | Warren Miller

David Bowie was a man of many talents. He was a world-renowned musician. He was a gifted songwriter and producer. He even demonstrated impressive acting chops. David Bowie was equally celebrated

Boat Race

How Customer-Centric Omnichannel Leaders Extend Their Advantage [INFOGRAPHIC]

8-Jun-2016 | Warren Miller

Omnichannel innovation isn’t merely a consumer challenge; it’s a business challenge – an obstacle that every organization, no matter the industry, must overcome. Specifically, today’s busin

Customer-Centric Supply Chain In A Digital Age: How Leaders Are Different [Webinar Recap]

6-Jun-2016 | Warren Miller

Every day, more and more devices are connected to the Internet. In fact, according to Cisco, the number of these devices exceeded the number of people on Earth in 2010. By 2020, Cisco predicts that t

3D printing

How 3D Printing Is Transforming The Supply Chain: A Q&A With Hans Thalbauer [VIDEO]

5-May-2016 | Warren Miller

If you think 3D printing has no bearing on the supply chain, think again. Given the technology's enormous impact on production processes, organizations today must adapt, completely transforming their

baseball diamond

Customer-Centricity: A Home Run For Your Supply Chain

25-Apr-2016 | Warren Miller

Spring has arrived, and if you're anything like me, that means one thing: Baseball is back. In my eyes, what makes baseball so great is the strategy that’s involved. Manufacturing runs and winnin

Graduate To An Innovative, Customer-Centric Supply Chain In 4 Easy Steps [VIDEO]

21-Apr-2016 | Warren Miller

Graduation season is here, and millions of students around the globe are taking the leap from high school to college or from college to the “real world.” Life is a series of transitions. People

Master Data Science, Master Supply Chain: A 4-Step Guide

23-Mar-2016 | Warren Miller

According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created on a daily basis. Moreover, as much as 90% of the world’s total data has been created in only the past two years. So it’s no wonder t

finance transformation

How Your Supply Chain Can Drive Digital Transformation For Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

8-Mar-2016 | Warren Miller

Manufacturing in the age of personalization can be challenging. What’s more, today’s consumers aren’t only on the lookout for customized products; they’re in search of personalized shopping ex