Dr. Volker Keiner

Dr. Volker Keiner

About Dr. Volker Keiner

Volker Keiner is a solution manager for commodities in general and for the agribusiness at SAP. As part of the Industry Solutions team for agribusiness and commodity management, he is driving, supporting, and positioning new SAP solutions for commodity trading, commodity logistics, farm to fork, and digital farming. He is working with various customers and partners in these areas.

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3D Printed Food: See The Future Of Agriculture Today

28-Sep-2016 | Dr. Volker Keiner

“Tea, Earl Grey, hot.” Any Star Trek fan will recognize this line, when Picard simply speaks his desire and it appears in a replicating machine. But how far is truth from fiction these days? O

digital transformation, digital business, digital economy, agribusiness

How To Create A Transparent, Sustainable Food Supply Chain

13-Sep-2016 | Dr. Volker Keiner

Today’s farmer is in a tight spot. On one hand, the farm needs to produce a profit and run efficiently. On the other, consumers are demanding transparency and sustainability in farming. Digital tran