Verena Wiszinski

Verena Wiszinski

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Verena Wiszinski is a Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist within the Global IT Audience Marketing team at SAP. She enjoys staying connected with customers and thought leaders and talking first hand with them about their experiences, thoughts, and needs within business transformation.

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Meteo Protect CEO Gabriel Gross: Digitalization Tackles The Last Unmanaged Insurance Risk

20-Feb-2017 | Verena Wiszinski

Warm or cold. Wet or dry. Windy or calm. Weather impacts everyone and almost every industry, influencing mood, sales decisions, and activities. With even the most seemingly small variation in tempera

Mercedes-AMG’s Dirk Zeller: IT As A Source Of Industry-Disruptive Performance And Transformation

6-Dec-2016 | Verena Wiszinski

Operating under the guiding principle “Driving Performance,” Mercedes-AMG provides a customer experience like no one else. The sports car and performance brand from Mercedes-Benz has a decades-lon

The Big Question: Will We Still Be Relevant Tomorrow?

31-Oct-2016 | Verena Wiszinski

“There are no hidden champions left in the transparent market.” —Otto Schell Otto Schell is a member of the board of directors at DSAG, where he promotes digitization. As Global SAP business