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Vern Hanzlik

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Vern Hanzlik has been in the enterprise software industry for almost three decades. He joined Qumu in 2012, became president in 2014, and CEO in 2015. Prior to Qumu, Vern was the president/CEO and co-founder of a company called Stellent Inc. He’s also previously been the president of Sajan Software and the president of TEAM Informatics.

Video Conferencing + Video Streaming = Powerful Combo

12-Feb-2019 | Vern Hanzlik

Although they are very different technologies with their own set of unique use cases, the terms “video conferencing” and “video streaming” are often used interchangeably in many organizations.

Five Misconceptions About Hybrid Cloud Deployments For Video

11-Dec-2018 | Vern Hanzlik

A hybrid cloud approach can fit really well into a firm’s larger distributed computing scheme. When it comes to enterprise video, hybrid is the end-game deployment model for many large companies. Th