Vasanth Kumar

Vasanth Kumar

About Vasanth Kumar

Vasanth Kumar is the head of SAP Co-Innovation Lab, Middle East, for SAP. He is fostering co-innovation with ecosystem and bringing success in the region for SAP. Vasanth brings over 27 years of rich and blended experience with the manufacturing industry and enterprise business software to create value for customers, partners, and startups by driving strategy and achieving execution excellence.

Co-Innovation Offers Modern-Day Survival Toolkit For Organizations

26-Mar-2019 | Vasanth Kumar

The ability to innovate – rapidly and continually – is a core competency for business growth. However, for a modern organization, a siloed and static approach is no longer an option. The fluidity

The Latest In Disruptive Innovations With Emerging Technologies

10-Aug-2018 | Vasanth Kumar

Purpose is an important driver in fostering an innovative culture within companies. Innovation is value, driven by purpose. The era of driving innovation by following others is over; it's transitionin