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Vaag Durgaryan

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Vaag Durgaryan is the commercial finance director for SAP in the Middle East and North Africa, which comprises of over 20 countries. Starting in 2017, he oversees a multinational team that provides finance expertise, knowledge, and strategy outlook for finance sales support in the region. Prior to that, Vaag was chief of staff for the CFO for SAP Global Field Finance and co-drove global transformation initiatives with focus on process simplification and people enablement. He holds an Executive MBA degree from ESSEC Business School and Mannheim Business School. Vaag has a passion in digitalization and learning culture.

Finance Change Management: Top-Down Or Bottom-Up?

14-Nov-2019 | Vaag Durgaryan

Nowadays, it is common for finance departments in many organizations to undergo change. On one hand, emerging technology is driving fundamental changes – for example, process automation through robo

How CFOs Can Help Organizations Break Free Of Silos Through Experience Management

1-Oct-2019 | Vaag Durgaryan

CFOs are in the perfect position to help their organizations improve overall performance by fostering communication and collaboration across the enterprise. To do that, they need to work together with

Why Back-Office Professionals Should Engage With Customers

16-Sep-2019 | Vaag Durgaryan

From one company to another, you will be hard-pressed to find similar reporting or organizational structures. They always differ greatly. However, in the past few years, many companies have moved to a

The Game Of Business: Finance People As Goalkeepers

28-Jun-2018 | Vaag Durgaryan

Imagine a football team made up of the top attackers in the world. Wouldn’t that be a dream team? But what if this team has extremely unskilled defenders and a terrible goalkeeper? Then this team dr

Blockchain In Finance Sales Support: Smart Contracting

24-May-2018 | Vaag Durgaryan

Blockchain and bitcoin have been in news headlines since the end of last year. However, few people know about their potential implication on finance sales support, and more specifically, on contracts.

A Finance Employee Working In The Digitalization Era

25-Apr-2018 | Vaag Durgaryan

The fourth industrial revolution (digitalization era) is happening right now. Business models, macroeconomic trends, and, most important, new technologies have motivated change in workplaces, organiza

Successes – And Failures – In Transforming Finance Sales Support Processes

24-Jan-2018 | Vaag Durgaryan

Part 3 in the "Digital Finance Sales Support" series In the first two blogs in this series, we looked at how our team reached the furthest corners of the MENA region and simplified interaction with

Simplifying Customers’ Interaction With SAP MENA Through Hyperconnectivity

17-Jan-2018 | Vaag Durgaryan

Part 2 in the "Digital Finance Sales Support" series In my first blog in this series, I explained our Digital Finance Sales Support framework, and how this initiative is helping customers interact

Digital Finance Sales Support: Reaching The Furthest Corners Of Middle East And North Africa

10-Jan-2018 | Vaag Durgaryan

Part 1 in the "Digital Finance Sales Support" series It might sound like a lofty, even unachievable goal: to help an entire region transform into a leading digital economy in the world. But that’