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Ursula Ringham isthe Director of Digital Marketing at SAP. She manages social media and digital marketing strategy for the small and midsize business community. She was recently recognized as one of 15 Women Who Rock Social Media at Top Tech Companies. Prior to SAP, Ursula worked at Adobe and Apple in their Developer Relations organizations. She managed strategic accounts, developer programs, edited a technical journal, managed content for an entire website, and wrote and taught course curriculum. In her spare time, Ursula writes thriller novels about the insidious side of Silicon Valley.

Learn How To Solve The Experience Equation With The Right Technology And The Right Strategy

7-May-2019 | Ursula Ringham

It’s the customer’s world. Businesses have to compete just to earn their part in it. Navigating these new power dynamics has put pressure on every essential area of business to adapt and shift to

How The IoT Is Changing Our Daily Lives

1-Feb-2017 | Ursula Ringham

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the Internet of Things (IoT) creates an extensive network of devices that regularly exchange data. While this interconnection is happening in business

5 Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2017

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If you’re planning to use the same old marketing techniques in 2017, you’re in for a rude awakening. Content marketing changes at lightning speed, and savvy brand builders need to stay ahead of th

Top 4 Trends In SEO Marketing

24-Oct-2016 | Ursula Ringham

SEO marketing is ever-changing, with many factors determining the most effective practices to increase a website’s SERP ranking. This year’s most effective techniques and trends are leaning towa

Here’s Why Your Website’s Missing Out On Traffic

17-Oct-2016 | Ursula Ringham

Many consumers have access to the Internet through their mobile phones and have integrated social media into their daily lives, which can serve as a disruption to web traffic efforts. With social m

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The Top 5 Most Effective SEO And Marketing Strategies For SMBs

10-Oct-2016 | Ursula Ringham

Small business owners invest a lot of time and money into their companies to make them successful. With advances in technology, it has become increasingly necessary for these small business owners

5 Ways To Use Live-Streaming Video At An Event

8-May-2016 | Ursula Ringham

The type of content we consume is changing. Everyone wants to capture those "in-the-moment" conversations. Today, the best stories are being told through live-streaming video. Live streaming isn't new

3 Social Media Trends for Small Businesses #DreamSmallBiz

2-May-2016 | Ursula Ringham

Growing a business in the digital economy isn’t easy. And for small businesses, it's tough to cut through the noise to market your product and gain the attention of customers. Social media, however,

Small Business: HR’s Journey To The Cloud

6-Apr-2016 | Ursula Ringham

Technology disruption is sweeping the small business community. And HR, which in the past took a back seat to the core profit centers of a business, is lagging behind the curve once again. Right? N

Making Real-Time Business A Reality

24-Mar-2016 | Ursula Ringham

Rapid development of Big Data applications is quickly making real-time business a necessity for large and small businesses alike. Enterprise companies like Adobe, EMC, and ConAgra, along with smaller