Ursa Mihajlovic

Ursa Mihajlovic

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Urša Mihajlovič is Global Marketing Director for Telecommunications, Media, and Public Sector Industry Units at SAP Hybris. She has more than 15 years of marketing experience working in IT and telecommunications industry.

Data-Driven, Consumer-Oriented Strategies For Slam-Dunk Personalization

17-Dec-2018 | Ursa Mihajlovic

Part 3 of the “Consumer Products and the Crossover Effect” series Understanding and connecting with consumers and retailers are more important than ever to consumer goods companies. Consumers d

Diary Of A Renovation: A Foundation For Direct-To-Consumer Experiences Is A Top Priority

4-Dec-2018 | Ursa Mihajlovic

A sanctuary of comfort that restores the heart, mind, and body – that was my vision when I started my home renovation. Throughout the project, my expectation was high for a home I would love. I pain