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Umut Cikla

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Umut Cikla is focused on growing SAP solutions in the retail and consumer products industries. He is a member of the SAP ANZ Industry Value Engineering team, which works with the broader sales and services teams to showcase to customers the business value of and the road map for SAP solutions to guide them in the relentless transformation to digital in the consumer industries.

Why You Should Consider Disrupting Your Own Business

1-Nov-2017 | Umut Cikla

Smoking is still quite popular in Japan, but not in traditional terms. While in Japan for a business trip last month, I observed a big change in the habits of Japanese smokers. We're seeing this ne

How To Write A Digital Strategy That Will Impress Your CEO

6-Jun-2017 | Umut Cikla

“Our strategy is to put the customer at the center of all our operations.” “Our strategy is to be the recognized leader in XYZ industry by 2020.” “We’ll maximize shareholder value while

How The Shared Economy And Social Ratings Impact Our Lives

6-Mar-2017 | Umut Cikla

How would you rate yourself in terms of trustworthiness on a scale of 1 to 5? How are you perceived by people around you? How would they rate you in your profession? You had better start thinking ab

Are Your Customers Happy With Their Digital Experience?

11-Oct-2016 | Umut Cikla

Imagine that you are in an airplane just about to make an international flight, when the flight crew announces the availability of a free Wi-Fi network for the passengers during the entire flight. Gr

Is Bricks And Mortar Retailing Really Dying?

7-Jun-2016 | Umut Cikla

Global e-commerce has grown at an impressive rate in recent years. But like everything else, this aggressive growth rate will come to an end. As shown in the graph, global e-commerce is slowing