Umesh Verma

Umesh Verma

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Umesh Verma is director for Sourcing Solutions for Direct Spend at SAP Ariba. As part of the Product Management organization, he works closely with customers in diverse industries – such as discrete manufacturing, retail, and high tech – to address their sourcing technology needs. Prior to SAP Ariba, Umesh worked in various roles in procurement and supply chain in Fortune 500 companies such as Intel aand Amgen, and as a management consultant with PwC. Umesh has a Master’s in Business from University of Iowa and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Sourcing For Direct Spend: The New Sourcing Frontier

24-Feb-2020 | Umesh Verma

Savings in spend have always been a top priority for chief procurement officers (CPOs). While key performance indicators (KPIs) for process improvement, compliance, people initiatives, etc. have alway

Chaos Theory And Cost Breakdown Analysis In Sourcing

12-Dec-2019 | Umesh Verma

Can a butterfly flapping its wings in Timbuktu disrupt your supply chain in the Mall of America, Minnesota? Chaos theory aficionados will answer with a resounding yes, as the butterfly effect, applied