Uli Muench

Uli Muench

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Uli Muench is Global Vice President of the Automotive Industry Business Unit at SAP.

Will Shifting To Services Boost The Automotive Industry?

6-Jul-2018 | Uli Muench

To stay competitive and offer the customer a better experience, automotive companies need to make innovative changes. This includes offering services that are integrated with the products the company

How High-Tech And Automotive Industries Propel The Future

12-Jun-2018 | Uli Muench

Automotive is historically a traditional industry focused on manufacturing and sales – creating vehicles and selling them. Now, through successful use of new technology trends such as Big Data and m

New Automotive DNA: How IoT Is Transforming The Automotive Industry

20-Apr-2018 | Uli Muench

Digital technology is transforming virtually every aspect of what it means to be an automotive manufacturer, OEM, or supplier. From autonomous cars to electric vehicles, the automotive industry is cro