Ulf Guttmann

About Ulf Guttmann

Ulf Guttmann is a Solution Manager with a focus on solution management and go-to-market for SAP’s Industrial Machinery and Components Buisness Unit. With over 26 years of SAP experience, Guttmann is well versed in the aftermarket service, enterprise asset management, sales, and marketing solution areas.

Increase Equipment Profitability With Predictive Services

17-Apr-2018 | Ulf Guttmann

Industrial machinery is built to last for the long haul. It can take long hours and production runs to turn out high-quality products. Different industries, such as food, automotive, and technology, r

Redefining Core Competencies In The Industrial Machinery And Components Industry

23-Feb-2018 | Ulf Guttmann

The industrial machinery and components industry (IM&C) provides companies with the equipment they require to produce the products they manufacture and sell to their customers. As such, IM&C i