Twan van den Broek

Twan van den Broek

About Twan van den Broek

Twan van den Broek is Customer Innovation Architect at SAP. Twan combines a broad experience in SAP development, Integration and Process Management with agile methodologies (Scrum) and Design Thinking to deliver SAP solutions that add value to your business and make end-users happy. As a crew member of SAP’s Mobile Innovation Lab, he delivers customer innovations with Rapid Prototyping within one week.

Office Lit Up By the Internet of Things

Welcome To The Future: Services Over Products

11-Feb-2019 | Twan van den Broek

Your favorite songs? Just one click away on Spotify. Movie night? Watch the latest films on demand. There are even subscription services for washing machines, coffee makers, and other household applia

Dairy Farm

Feed As A Service: Predicting Feed Orders At Dairy Farms

11-Dec-2018 | Twan van den Broek

Dairy farms need to order a lot of animal feed. Generally, farmers order when they check the silo – either by carefully looking at the slightly see-through storage tower or by tapping it to check ho

Augmented Reality: A Game Changer For Marketing

4-Dec-2018 | Twan van den Broek

In July 2016, the Pokémon GO app propelled augmented reality (AR) propelled into popularity. Millions of consumers hit the streets to catch a Pikachu or Rattata projected onto the sidewalks of player