Trent Weier

Trent Weier

About Trent Weier

Trent brings 15 years of technology strategy, execution and digital value creation experience to SAP and its many customers. As a member of the industry value engineering team, Trent is focused on the chemicals, energy and natural resources sectors, showcasing to customers the business value of challenging traditional business models while creating disruption through industry leading innovation.

supply chain, digital supply chain, machine learning, AI

Understanding How Machine Learning And AI Can Positively Impact Your Organization

4-Jun-2018 | Trent Weier

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have amazing potential to simplify, accelerate, and improve many aspects of our everyday lives. Early results have simultaneously created huge excite

Realizing The Value Of Cloud ERP For Your Business

7-Mar-2018 | Trent Weier

With cloud computing now considered mainstream, more and more organizations are embracing cloud ERP (public and private) to drive enterprise-wide innovation to improve customer relationships while d

How To Innovate With A Design Thinking Mindset

24-Jul-2017 | Trent Weier

Design thinking has changed enormously since I was first introduced to it back in 2009. In that time, its prevalence has skyrocketed, and it has become a default service for many leading consulting an

Going Beyond ERP – Artificial Intelligence-Based Business Applications

3-Mar-2017 | Trent Weier

In my last blog, I discussed how digital complacency could put your business at risk and how technological change is fast outpacing businesses' ability to adapt. This trend continues its relentless

Is Digital Complacency Putting Your Business At Risk?

21-Nov-2016 | Trent Weier

Disruption (business): “a radical change in an industry, business strategy, etc., especially involving the introduction of a new product or service that creates a new market.” For as long as th

The Ascendance Of Cloud In The Enterprise

23-Aug-2016 | Trent Weier

Cloud computing has long been common in the consumer space with companies like Apple driving rapid cloud user adoption around the globe. More recently it's become a serious consideration in the ente