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Tony Ciliberti PE

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Tony Ciliberti is the founder of Reliability Dynamics, an engineering and technology company specializing in the application of asset performance management methods in corporate software. He has 30 years of international experience as a maintenance and reliability engineer in petrochemical, oil and gas, and public utilities sectors. Tony's experience includes four years with SAP Americas' National Consulting Practice as a solution architect for large corporate SAP Plant Maintenance implementations. He is the ANSI-appointed U.S. Expert Member in the ISO/TC67/WG4/PG1 (ISO 14224 project group), was actively involved in developing Version 3 of the ISO 14224 standard, and participates internationally as an instructor in ISO PG1 seminars and courses.

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Corporate Equipment Reliability Insights: The Reliability Issues Affecting Your Bottom Line

17-Mar-2020 | Tony Ciliberti PE

High-quality data is fundamental to producing reliable models and deriving insights for equipment reliability and performance. Insights from the smart use of data are powerful; if they are smart and a