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Tom Roberts

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Tom Roberts, SVP of Global Marketing for PrimeRevenue, joined the company in December 2015. He and his team are engaged in building world-class, digital demand-generation capabilities, simplifying the brand, and positioning the company as the leader it truly is. Before joining PrimeRevenue, Tom held both sales and marketing executive leadership positions at other FinTech successes such as Fiserv, CashEdge, and E*TRADE Financial. He has been a senior leader on teams that have substantially grown several mid-sized technology companies, resulting in successful exits. He holds an MBA in Marketing from Columbia University.

Supply Chain Finance Stays Off The Balance Sheet – But How?

13-Nov-2017 | Tom Roberts

For companies looking to improve cash flow, there is no shortage of options. The real challenge is finding an approach that doesn’t have a negative impact on the company’s financials. Conventional

Procurement And Innovation: Strange Bedfellows Or Perfect Pair?

16-Oct-2017 | Tom Roberts

Procurement and innovation. Let’s be honest – historically, the two have existed rather far apart. Procurement hasn’t really been an area targeted by innovation, nor has it positioned itself as

Five Steps To Freeing The Cash Hidden In Your Supply Chain

11-Sep-2017 | Tom Roberts

How do you transform a supply chain finance program from a supplier early-payment initiative into a powerful working capital solution? The answer requires an analysis-driven approach that can be broke