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Tom Jones

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Tom Jones holds a global market development role within the Customer Experience group at SAP. He offers 20 years of experience in technology startups, having held a variety of sales, pre-sales, product management, and consulting roles. His career is laser-focused on bridging the gap between business and technology to help companies discover, understand, and solve real business problems with innovative software solutions. Successful ventures and employers include CyberSource (IPO 1998, subsequently acquired by Visa), Escalate (acquired by JDA), Venda (acquired by Netsuite), Hybris (acquired by SAP).

Coworkers discuss an innovation and their strategy for bringing it to life

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?! On The Origin Of Innovation

19-Jun-2019 | Tom Jones

Innovation is a hot topic in technology and business circles these days. Companies are told they must innovate to survive and thrive in the digital-first customer-experience economy. Yet what is innov