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Thomas Ohnemus is the Vice President, Solution Marketing, Customer Value Office, at SAP. He is responsible for driving the go-to-market strategy, messaging, and demand generation. Thomas has over 25 years’ experience in business software solutions and his PLM expertise has awarded him key management positions in consulting, product management, service, and global marketing. He holds a master’s degree in engineering, and lives in Germany.

IoT and R&D: Engineering For The Internet Of Things

3-Aug-2016 | Thomas Ohnemus

In Part 1 of this series, I discuss how companies should be engineering products for the Internet of Things (IoT). In Part 2, I’ll describe how products designed for IoT have a profound effect on e

Is Your Supply Chain Ready For The ‘End of Silicon’?

12-Apr-2016 | Thomas Ohnemus

Ten years ago, people were talking about “the end of oil.” Today, forward-looking manufacturers are beginning to think about what we might call “the end of silicon.” I don’t mean that the

4 Ways Digitalization Is Transforming Manufacturing

1-Apr-2016 | Thomas Ohnemus

The digital economy is upending processes and rearranging markets. Fully 86% of companies say the pace of technology will increase “rapidly” or “at an unprecedented rate” in the next three yea

4 Ways Digitalization Is Transforming R&D

7-Mar-2016 | Thomas Ohnemus

Fully one-quarter of the world’s economy will be digital by 2020, forecasts a new report from Accenture. But that prediction doesn’t tell the whole story. Because increasingly, all business proces