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Thomas Frénéhard

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Thomas is part of the Global Centre of Excellence for Finance and Risk solutions where he has a focus on Governance, Risk, and Compliance topics. Prior to that, he was a Senior Director in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solution Management team. His particular responsibility was with Risk Management but other functional areas of focus were in Internal Control & Compliance Management and Audit Management. He is also a regular contributor on social media and presenter at various SAP and non-SAP conferences on GRC matters.

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Automated Screening: Know More About Companies You Do Business With

2-Mar-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard

Part 8 in the "Controls and Risk Management" series In addition to traditional post-process controls, more and more organizations have to enforce proactive screening and monitoring of the organizat

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What Makes A Good Report Template In A GRC Solution?

24-Feb-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard

Part 7 in the “Controls and Risk Management" series I was recently in a discussion with our development team, and the topic revolved around potential enhancements to the reporting that we include

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Risk Management Project: Where Do I Start?

17-Feb-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard

Part 6 in the "Controls and Risk Management" series Whenever I talk to customers who decide to embark on a risk-management project, wherever they are in the world, one question always kick-starts t

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What’s In A Risk Management Information System?

10-Feb-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard

Part 5 in the "Controls and Risk Management" series I have been working in the governance, risk management, and compliance software arena for over 15 years now, and even though some consider it a

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SOX Is Turning 18, But Still Requires Much Attention

3-Feb-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard

Part 4 in the Controls and Risk Management series This year, we’ll be celebrating the 18th anniversary of the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Nicknamed SOX, SOA, or Sarbox, the act is has

Team celebrates their chief security office on her accomplishments

The Chief Information Security Officer Is Not The Enemy

27-Jan-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard

Part 3 in the Controls and Risk Management series A few days ago, I was having dinner with a friend who happens to be the chief information security officer (CISO) at a midsize software startup.

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The Use Of Risk Scenario Analysis

20-Jan-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard

Part 2 in the Controls and Risk Management series Risk scenario analysis is often considered to be a complex technical method involving many mathematical computations. This unfortunate reputation i

Marketing executive analyzes risk management data to optimize marketing plans

The Critical Role Of Marketing Executives In Risk Management

13-Jan-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard

Part 1 in the Controls and Risk Management series From my experience, marketing executives are often involved in the risk management process quite late, usually to manage the communications aspect

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Building Digital Trust: What Does It Really Mean?

29-Oct-2019 | Thomas Frénéhard

There are a few definitions of digital trust out there, so I won’t create a new one. Instead, I’ll simply refer to PwC’s, which I think is very clear and straightforward: “the level of confide

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When It Comes To Risk Management, Ignorance Is Not Bliss!

29-Jul-2019 | Thomas Frénéhard

I have been dealing with risk, compliance, and audit projects for the good part of the last 15 years, but I am still surprised when I am asked whether it’s better – for an organization and for an