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Thomas Frénéhard is a director in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solution Management team at SAP. His particular responsibility is with SAP Risk Management. Thomas's other functional areas of focus are in internal control and compliance management and audit management. In this role and in constant interactions with SAP’s network of partners, clients, and internal stakeholders, Thomas is responsible for bringing together technology, skills, and products to deliver an always-compelling solution for enterprise risk management.

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The Use Of Risk Scenario Analysis

20-Jan-2020 | Thomas Frenehard

Risk scenario analysis is often considered to be a complex technical method involving many mathematical computations. This unfortunate reputation is probably related to its use by financial institutio

Marketing executive analyzes risk management data to optimize marketing plans

The Critical Role Of Marketing Executives In Risk Management

13-Jan-2020 | Thomas Frenehard

From my experience, marketing executives are often involved in the risk management process quite late, usually to manage the communications aspect of a crisis. Therefore, they are engaged only when th

Analyst reviews financial performance and trend data in a business office setting

Building Digital Trust: What Does It Really Mean?

29-Oct-2019 | Thomas Frenehard

There are a few definitions of digital trust out there, so I won’t create a new one. Instead, I’ll simply refer to PwC’s, which I think is very clear and straightforward: “the level of confide

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When It Comes To Risk Management, Ignorance Is Not Bliss!

29-Jul-2019 | Thomas Frenehard

I have been dealing with risk, compliance, and audit projects for the good part of the last 15 years, but I am still surprised when I am asked whether it’s better – for an organization and for an

What’s New In The World Of Three Lines Of Defense?

22-Jul-2019 | Thomas Frenehard

Recently, when I’ve mentioned “Three Lines of Defense” on Twitter or LinkedIn, it seems I instantly receive comments claiming that it’s dead! Those comments provide no more content or justific

Launching A GRC Overhaul? Think Out Of The Box

27-Dec-2018 | Thomas Frenehard

Every so often, companies revise their processes to identify areas of improvement. And the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) process is not exempt from this overhaul exercise, as I am sure you al

Modern Slavery: What Is Expected Of Organizations?

3-Oct-2018 | Thomas Frenehard

Since I posted the blog "Combating Modern Slavery—It’s More Than Compliance, It’s Ethics!" a few months ago, I have gotten many questions from colleagues and readers about this topic. I have to

Integrating Business Continuity Management Within Your GRC Process

26-Jul-2018 | Thomas Frenehard

Despite what many still believe, business continuity is not just about creating a recovery plan for IT resources in case there is an outage. Of course, that is a part of it, but business continuity ma

Combating Modern Slavery: It’s More Than Compliance, It’s Ethics!

3-May-2018 | Thomas Frenehard

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] Australia, like many other countries, is currently reviewing its response to exploitation in supply chains, and this could take the form of new legislation:

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Digital Transformation In Governance, Risk Management, And Compliance

13-Feb-2018 | Thomas Frenehard

[no_syndicate_info][/no_syndicate_info] These days, there are many Webinars, white papers, and so on relating to digital transformation. And most of them refer to supply chain or finance. But what