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Thierry Morin

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Thierry Morin is helping companies in the Services industries become digital enterprises. As a member of the Industry Value Engineering at SAP team in Australia and New Zealand, he works with the broader sales and services teams to inspire customers and enable them to identify and realise value from digital innovation.

4 Ways Professional Services Companies Can Outsmart The Competition

5-Jun-2018 | Thierry Morin

In my previous blog, I looked at how digital disruption is affecting the professional services industry, forcing incumbents to rethink and transform their business. That begs the question: How to g

Digital Customer Experience: Are You Getting It Right?

29-Nov-2017 | Thierry Morin

Earlier this year, SAP launched the Executive Digital Exchange (EDX)—global community of digital leaders sharing strategic insight and ideas for competitive advantage—in Australia and New Zealand

Four Ways Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Transportation And Supply Chain

22-Aug-2017 | Thierry Morin

As mature and developing economies are looking to increase their competitiveness in the global supply chain through significant investments in infrastructure, Australia is currently examining how it

customer experience

Why Digital Transformation Is Not Just About Technology

31-May-2017 | Thierry Morin

What are the biggest challenges Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) companies are facing with digital transformation? As we recently kicked off the Executive Digital Exchange community in ANZ, a conse