Thiam Hwa Lim

Thiam Hwa Lim

About Thiam Hwa Lim

Thiam Hwa Lim is the Director of the Healthcare Industry Unit for Southeast Asia at SAP. His role includes defining the health sciences strategy, driving business development, leading go-to-market initiatives, and supporting clients on their digital transformation journey. Thiam has worked in the healthcare and life sciences industry for over 16 years. He has worked on various healthcare projects globally when he was the Consulting Technical Director at Oracle before joining SAP. Some of these projects include the national electronic health record for both Singapore and South Africa, as well as patient-controlled electronic health records for Australia.

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Making The Smart Hospital A Reality

22-Nov-2017 | Thiam Hwa Lim

The business of healthcare is quite literally one of life and death. Yet, for a very long time throughout much of the world, the system of medical care has been fraught with inefficiencies and soaring