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Thack Brown is General Manager and Global Head for SAP’s Line of Business Finance. In this capacity, he is responsible for the full suite of SAP solutions for the Office of the CFO. SAP has the market’s most robust portfolio of solutions for finance professionals, covering all the major financial process, including: Financial Planning and Analysis, Managerial and Statutory Accounting, Treasury, Risk and Compliance and core finance operations such as Shared Services, Real Estate, Travel and Expense Reimbursement, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, etc.

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Cognitive Technologies Are Critical For Advancing Corporate Real Estate Practices

28-Sep-2017 | Thack Brown

In today’s digital era, there is growing pressure on financial executives to produce more analytics, reports, and actionable insight across the enterprise faster than ever before. With corporate rea

Introducing “The Digital CFO”: In Their Own Words, From Their Own Experiences

24-Aug-2017 | Thack Brown

The first in the Digital CFO Series No one can better convey the opportunities and challenges of converting to a sophisticated high-technology environment than CFOs who have “been there, done tha

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New Global Survey: CFOs Feel Growing Impact Of Digital Economy

12-Jul-2017 | Thack Brown

In previous columns, I have explored many ways in which the CFO’s role in the enterprise is evolving and expanding. From closer collaboration with other C-suite members, to taking on new responsibil

Preparing For The Next Generation Of Corporate Real Estate Regulation

21-Mar-2017 | Thack Brown

Corporate real estate represents the second-largest expense for organizations today, but many financial leaders still lack the tools and techniques to manage leased space efficiently. In today’s dig


How CFOs Can Make Compliance A Competitive Weapon

16-Mar-2017 | Thack Brown

The regulatory environment is a rapidly shifting landscape for CFOs. The pressure to meet changing compliance requirements can frustrate even the most level-headed executives. I can’t tell you how o

What Is The CFO’s Role In Preventing A Cyber Attack?

22-Feb-2017 | Thack Brown

Cybersecurity is a top concern for companies across industries in today’s increasingly data-driven, digital world. From political headlines to email phishing attacks directed at our inboxes, or acro

How Can CFOs Stop The Exodus Of Young Talent?

12-Jan-2017 | Thack Brown

Many of the CFOs I meet are worried and disheartened about the exodus of young millennials from the profession—and for good reason. These talented young professionals have both the skills and the de

Countdown To IFRS Doomsday: The Road To Lease Accounting

28-Dec-2016 | Thack Brown

With the new regulatory changes for IFRS 15, 16, and 9 simultaneously approaching, it’s essential that finance organizations start preparing now. Each new standard represents its own challenge for f

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How Finance Departments Should Prepare For Revenue Recognition Changes

5-Oct-2016 | Thack Brown

January 2018 is fast-approaching and for corporate finance departments around the world that means seismic change is just around the corner. New accounting standards are changing the way that corporat

Today’s Finance Professional Must Be A Jack Of All Trades

27-Sep-2016 | Thack Brown

Why are finance professionals being asked to do more? Because of finance’s connection to business results, it is increasingly seen as strategic business partner, ensuring financial stability and hel