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Timo Elliott is an Innovation Evangelist for SAP and a passionate advocate of innovation, digital business, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

From The Top: How High-Performing Midsize Businesses Drive Digital Initiatives

26-Feb-2020 | Timo Elliott

Traditionally, IT organizations were the go-to experts for digital projects – and they are still critical partners. But transformation cannot happen with technology alone. People, processes, and bus

Three Things That High-Performing CEOs Of Midsize Businesses Do Differently

18-Feb-2020 | Timo Elliott

Running a midsize business requires more than just excellent execution against key financial performance indicators. In today’s fast-changing environment, it’s also about focusing on higher-value

The Secret To Winning In A Rising Golden Age For Midsize Businesses

2-Jan-2020 | Timo Elliott

Part 3 of the “2020 Strategies and Insights for Midsize Companies” series Among the world’s small and midsize companies, millions of multi-generational family businesses underpin many economi

Embedded Analytics: The Edge Midsize Businesses Need In The Race For Continuous Intelligence

6-May-2019 | Timo Elliott

Part 3 of the three-part series “How IT Drives Growth for Midsize Businesses” The core of every growing business is an ability to adapt to a world of new opportunities and disruptive risks. Eve

Data: The One Asset Impacting The Valuation Of Successful Midsize Businesses

12-Feb-2019 | Timo Elliott

Part 3 of the “6 Attitudes of Best-Run Midsize Businesses” series Midsize businesses grow in many ways, such as securing partnership investment, allowing owners and employees to take a vested i

Top 10 Analytics Trends For 2019

29-Jan-2019 | Timo Elliott

2019 is the year that analytics technology starts delivering what users have been dreaming about for over 40 years: easy, natural access to reliable business information. Machine learning everywh

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Make Work More Human

8-Nov-2018 | Timo Elliott

What does the rise of artificial intelligence mean for the world of work? First, it’s clear that it’s a huge opportunity for increased productivity. Gartner believes that this year alone, half

Voice: The Next Big Breakthrough In Enterprise Computing

24-Aug-2018 | Timo Elliott

Voice is set to be the biggest enterprise tech disruption since the smartphone — if we can overcome the remaining practical difficulties. Over the decades, computer interaction has slowly become

Predictive Machine Learning: ROI Beyond Cool

3-Aug-2018 | Timo Elliott

I was recently a guest on the Game-Changing Predictive Machine Learning radio show hosted by Bonnie Graham. The other guests were Gil Gomez of Deloitte and Hudson Harris of HarrisLogic. Here ar

The IoT Show: Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Business, And Manufacturing Insights

27-Jul-2018 | Timo Elliott

I had the honor of taking part in an episode of the Internet of Things (IoT) show hosted by Allan Behrens on the topic of how analytics, AI, and machine learning can help provide more insights into b